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America’s Leading Coaching Program
For Insurance Agencies

What Coaching Will Do For You & Your Insurance Agency

America’s Leading Coaching Program For Insurance Agencies

What if you had a simple Proven 3 step blueprint, that would grow your insurance business, create financial security and give you all the freedom
you wanted – Guaranteed? Well you can!

Over the past 29 years of research in my own agency business, I have created a blueprint called the 3 P’s. It’s so easy!

Step 1 Is Your People

Imagine if you had only top-notch people on your team? And if you had the tools to consistently motivate them, make them accountable, so they made YOU more money?

Step 2 Is Your Processes

What would your life be like if you could leave on a 2 week vacation to Spain and not have to worry about your agency? If You have the right processes in place, you can! Your agency will literally run itself.

Step 3 Is Your Promotions

What if you had all of the tools you needed to create a marketing program that ran like a well-oiled machine? A complete ‘done for you’ Welcome Kit. A Referral Program that Explodes your profits and gives back to your community. A Nurture program that continually touched your clients and prospects, so that you are always “top of mind’. How great would it feel if your clients and your community couldn’t stop talking about how amazing your agency is and your clients referred all their friends and family to you?

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What Comes Next?

Once you have the three P’s in place, you will grow your business, create financial security, and have more Freedom to live life on your terms. Hundreds of agents have attended our 2 day Boot Camps and walked away with the tools for ultimate success

This Can Be YOU…

And now For the first time ever we’re Introducing the Exclusive ‘Be Unstoppable Now!’ online course!
This exclusive course provides you with everything you need to Explode your profits, all from your own home.
What are you waiting for?

Get Started Today…

Start building the agency you’ve always dreamed of…
Simply click the “Get Started Today” button below…
Take Advantage Of This Proven 3 Step Blueprint And Explode Your Insurance Business Today!

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mike stromsoe reviews
Read What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying
Tim GasperTim GasperGasper Insurance
3. Woodlands Hills, CA
I sent two of my team members Andre Mendez and Dustin King to your academy a couple weeks ago. They brought back a WEALTH of information and we are currently implementing a lot of what you talked about. I just wanted to say thank you for being so passionate about our business, YOU are a true inspiration!

Tim Gasper
Gasper Insurance
Woodlands Hills, CA

J.D. DickinsonJ.D. DickinsonC.E.O., Dickenson Insurance
Mike is a self-less, well respected expert in the insurance industry on a national basis. We have been colleagues for over 10 years, he is who i turn to when I need that extra push over the top. I am one in a long line of insurance agents who have more money and time due to Mike Stromsoe.

J.D. Dickinson
C.E.O., Dickenson Insurance

Jeff LiebowitzJeff Liebowitz2. Downstate, New York
I own an agency, multiple agencies actually in Downstate New York. And very profitable I might add, family business. I met Mike, and let me tell you, he put hundreds of thousands of dollars in my pocket, gave me a couple of great ideas, phenomenal. He is truly an unstoppable profit producer. Thank you Mike!

Jeff Liebowitz
Downstate, New York

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